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For refugees, by refugees

Central to the camp are refugees: fellow humans who have endured trials beyond the experience of most people, perhaps even beyond imagination.

The Road Media project started in 2014 through the publication of a monthly magazine called The Road. The project started as an initiative to give a voice to Syrian refugees in the Za’atari camp in Jordan and to provide them with training opportunities in journalism. Two years later, IN TRANSIT was added to provide visual support. Participants learn visual storytelling, make short documentaries and share the life of refugees to the world.

The enrollment of refugees from all project benchmarks is one of the essential components of our approach. Since 2014, over 150 young male and female volunteers received lectures and training by professional journalists and were trained in all aspect of journalistic work.

call us on 0790132562/ 0777483141


                                       “About Voices of the Children:


Voices of the Children is a registered nonprofit organization, based in the USA, that pairs teens around the world in collaborative arts projects to shine a spotlight on humanitarian 

crises, encourage community engagement and personal growth. We have been working in Za’atari and Azraq refugee camps as well as in host communities throughout Jordan for 4 years,.

Additionally, we have hosted several art, photography and poetry workshops.

All photos and videos are created by the talented refugees in Za’atari.


We appreciate your comments and questions. We respond inquiries as soon as possible.



  1. Beautiful page and amazing effort! I would love to thank all the teams and people who participated in this work and collected these valuable stories, because they gave us the apportunity to see and hear what is happening with our brothers and sisters in Za’atari refugee Camp.

    This is a great movement from them, although they got suffered from war but they still strong and activists.
    Best wishes and keep going….



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